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71% of Pennsylvania Jews voted for Senate candidate Joe Sestak despite a heavy investment in Israel-related attacks from right-wing groups like Emergency Committee for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition. Click here for lots more on Pennsylvania.
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An election night poll of American Jewish voters demonstrates that American Jews remain a largely progressive electorate unaffected by nearly two years of constant partisan attacks over Israel.

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Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky won this race handily despite repeated attacks on her pro-Israel credentials and affiliation with J Street. The polling data shows that even though her opponent waged what The New York Times called an “Israel-centric” campaign, the attacks didn’t work and even backfired among Jewish voters.

Click here for a summary from the Illinois 9th.
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The American Jewish community stood its ground as a fundamentally liberal and progressive constituency in the midst of a huge Republican wave election. American Jews remain strongly supportive of President Obama and his Middle East policy, as well as the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement's positions on the Middle East.

J Street commissioned three polls on the American Jewish vote in the 2010 Congressional Elections and how Israel did or did not play a role in deciding how Jews voted. One poll focused on the national picture. Another focused on the Illinois 9th Congressional District, where Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky faced numerous attacks on her pro-Israel credentials and affiliation with J Street. The third poll focused on the Pennsylvania Senate Race, where the Democratic candidate Joe Sestak faced months of attacks from the neoconservative right over Israel.
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